• Should You Start a Construction Job in the Middle of Winter?

    With harsher working conditions, construction crews face more challenges on the job in winter. In this article, we cover different things to consider before starting your next construction project in the colder winter months.
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  • 2018 Construction Economics Roundup

    In this article, we look at some of the recent news and updates that relate to growth, slowdowns and economics, and how these might impact the construction industry.
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  • 12 Construction Tips for Those Long Winter Months

    For the construction companies and tradesmen that continue to work through the winter months, there are more challenges faced on the job. We have put together some top tips on how to tackle the challenges that the colder winter months present.
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  • How to Keep Hold of Your Best Tradesmen in the Winter

    Staff retention is an essential part of any business’ success and the construction industry poses particular challenges, especially in the colder winter months. This article covers 7 ways to keep your tradesman happy, productive and present in the winter months.
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  • Cost management and control in building construction

    As far as KPIs go, costing is going to be one of the most vital pieces of information for any construction project. It’s a creative process that involves getting great service and material deals, forging partnerships, and putting together a plan of action regarding planning, budgeting, financing, funding and cost management. The ultimate goal is simple - complete the project in the best way, within the approved budget. Contained within that ultimate goal should be the desire to support decision-making...
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  • The ultimate guide to cost control in construction

    With competition in the construction market increasingly fiercely, the profit margins for construction enterprises are being squashed and placed under threat. As this happens, cost control becomes an even more vital mechanism. Cost control in construction should be systematic, comprehensive and dynamic, in order to achieve a completed project within the total budget. We know that the main problems faced by contractors are shortages of material, labour costing more than expected, a lack of accurate data, the volatility and variances...
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  • 15 Proactive ways to protect your tools from van thieves

    With van tool theft rising by more than 30% since 2012, it’s vital now more than ever to be proactive in your security and to know all of the best ways to protect your tools from van thieves. We all know that theft equals downtime, and downtime equals a loss of revenue and failure to complete projects. These are two things that we here at strukta are keen for our customers and readers to avoid. Make notes as we divulge...
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  • The shocking rise of van tool theft in the UK

    Van tool theft is frustratingly becoming more common, better planned, and harder to prosecute. This is creating a difficult situation for tradesmen and professionals who want to get on with their projects, effectively support their customers, and do a high quality job. There are tools with sentimental value being stolen, items that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as brand new and expensive equipment. In this article, we are going to explore the topic of van...
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  • Something to smile about

    We’ve had another great few months supporting some fantastic causes and organisations as part of our struktaSMILE giving back initiative. strukta doughnut day! The 1st June was national doughnut day, and as a team of cake lovers – we took full advantage of this holiday. Staff and customers enjoyed sugary treats all in aid of The Air Ambulance! Thank you to everyone who supported us! As always, we received a number of sponsorship requests from our customers and team! Ashford...
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  • strukta Delivers

    Delivery is an integral part of any business but when it comes to construction, getting it right is imperative to ensure that the project runs smoothly and the completion date remains on schedule. We understand that for our customers time is money and reputation is everything, which is why we do everything we can to ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it, where they need it! As with any industry the execution of a project depends...
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