• Emery's Case Study

    In August 2018, the team were appointed the task of complete refurbishment of an area of private land in a small and picturesque Wiltshire village.
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  • Galvanised steel, the benefits

    Discover the benefits of galvanised steel. Its high resistance and flexible nature makes this material the ideal choice for a range of construction projects.
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  • Strukta Brexit Statement

    Take a look at the preparations we've made to reassure our customers that we are best placed to continue meeting their needs as part of our Brexit strategy.
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  • struktaSOLUTIONS

    See how struktaSOLUTIONS allows strukta to provide bespoke solutions to meet your challenges, helping job completion and minimising downtime.
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  • The Importance of Fire Safety in Construction

    Discover the importance of installing appropriate fire safety equipment during construction, safeguarding our builds to prevent tragedies.
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  • 15 Surefire Ways to Make Your Team Happy

    When it comes to the construction industry, high labour turnover, headhunting, and relocation are perhaps more common than in other industries. So, knowing that your employees could be at risk of leaving, what can you do as a leader to create systems and processes that reduce that risk and make them feel that being a part of your business is in the best interests of their happiness?   That’s what we are here to discuss.   Rewards or bonus systems...
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  • How Do strukta Engage and Reward Our Awesome Team?

    Over the last 40 years, strukta has become a well-trusted specialist builders merchants in the south of England. We’ve also become a loved site supplies and safety equipment provider, helping projects all across the south to do things safely and efficiently. Whilst there’s no way to exactly measure it, we’re confident that we’ve a great company culture, and a team that really looks out for one another. What we do know is that any great company is a product of...
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  • Should You Start a Construction Job in the Middle of Winter?

    With harsher working conditions, construction crews face more challenges on the job in winter. In this article, we cover different things to consider before starting your next construction project in the colder winter months.
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  • 2018 Construction Economics Roundup

    In this article, we look at some of the recent news and updates that relate to growth, slowdowns and economics, and how these might impact the construction industry.
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  • 12 Construction Tips for Those Long Winter Months

    For the construction companies and tradesmen that continue to work through the winter months, there are more challenges faced on the job. We have put together some top tips on how to tackle the challenges that the colder winter months present.
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