• Construction Trends for the Coming Year

    As there have been significant developments in the construction industry over the last year, we thought that we would look to the future and what further changes we can expect to see in the industry.   Smart Homes Smart home technology has become more prevalent in society over the past couple of years. The likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant have quickly become commonplace in households all over the UK, yet 5 years ago they would have been merely...
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  • Women in Construction

    The word ‘builder’ makes most people visualise an image of a man on a building site wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket and hard hat. With women making up just 11% of the construction industry (Source: The Guardian), a figure that includes office roles such as secretarial, design, marketing and management, it’s no wonder we are still quick to think of the construction industry as a man’s world. Although this figure is very low, it does present a big opportunity to...
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  • struktaSMILE Events & Activities

    The team organised some really exciting struktaSMILE activities in March! From our delicious pie baking competition to playing skittles at our Portsmouth Trade Store. Find out more.
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  • struktaSMILE Successes!

    We are delighted to say that there have been more struktaSMILE success stories over the past few months! From football fun for Naomi’s House to a guilt free goodies sale, we have seen some fantastic efforts made to raise money for great causes.
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  • What have we learned from Grenfell?

    The Grenfell Tower fire, which occurred in June 2017, made the UK look closely at its attitudes towards fire safety. So, what has the construction industry learned from the incident and what can be done to ensure that a similar disaster will be prevented in the future?
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  • Carillion’s Collapse and What It Means for the Construction Industry

    Carillion was the UK's second-largest construction company, employing 43,000 staff globally. Its collapse has caused reverberations across the construction industry and has dominated news in recent months. So how did this huge firm get into such financial difficulty?
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  • House Building and the Greenbelt

    It's usually a contentious topic, but the Green Belt issue is one that has been consistently cropping up in construction news. Now that the government has set its sights on more housebuilding, there have been calls to build on the green belt to solve the housing crisis.
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  • Mental Health and the Construction Industry

    Mental health issues account for around one fifth of work related illnesses in the trade. This not only has an effect on individuals but also the overall productivity of the industry as a whole. So what can the construction industry do to ensure the wellbeing of its workforce?
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  • Fitness Feat Finale!

    The team completed a fitness feat in December to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We challenged ourselves to walk and cycle 392 miles with all money raised going to this great charity. Find out more about this exciting struktaSMILE initiative.
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